Impact0 is a global initiative by Global Consortium Corporation (GCC) funded by GCC’s various international business activities as well as its extensive network. GCC believes that a much more positive impact can be achieved with a focus on minimizing the impact of humans on the planet (air, earth, and water) than the current focus on reduction of things like commodities on human by-products such as waste and carbon dioxide (CO2).



Reduce the waste produced.


Minimise the commercial and political resistance to the introduction of new technologies that will take us towards a zero impact world.



The issue of Fraud in the environmental industry has a devastating impact on global goals of minimizing Human Impact on the environment. Impact0 will address this and assist governments and regulators with minimizing it and it’s a negative impact on us achieving global goals.

ITP (Independent Third Party Companies)

ITP companies to set up supporting technologies to increase productivity and speed up processes and make them more efficient.

Current focus

The current focus is on Volume:

1. Waste

2. Carbon (carbon dioxide CO2)

3. Air pollution

4. Climate Change

Impact0 focus

1. Impact on the WATER

2. Impact on the EARTH

3. Impact on the AIR

It’s not a problem of too much waste or carbon, its the impact they have on the environment (Earth, Air, and Water)

Focus on

  1. HUMAN IMPACT on the environment
  2. PROVIDING TOOLS to assist stakeholders such as NGOs, governments, and charities.
  3. PROVIDING NEW SOLUTIONS to that move us to a zero impact world.